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The Victorian Home

   The private residence was constructed in 1904 and completed in 1907. The original builder was J.R. Bradshaw, a local home builder in early Palisade. The Beckwith family loving cared for the home from the 1930s until 2004. In that year, the West family purchased the estate with the vision of establishing a family vineyard and winery. Painstakingly restored to it’s near original condition, the home is a living dedication to the past for all generations to enjoy. 

    Upon entering the main room you will be drawn to the warmth of the hand-crafted tasting bar. Ask your server about the inlaid silver dollars and period ornamentation. Lining the walls of the interior are framed historical documents found during the renovation, taking you on a journey from the sinking of the Titanic to the celebrations of the end of WWII.  

    Adjoining the main room is a formal dining room that serves as the perfect location to host a luxurious dining experience for up to 20 people. The tastefully elegant dining room is available for meetings, private wine tastings, and a range of smaller gatherings. 

   For special occasions, Varaison also offers a private wine cellar for enjoying your tasting or event in an enchanting and rustic environment, affording a traditional ambiance for seating up to 8 wine aficionados.

   We look forward to welcoming you for a marvelous wine tasting experience, and accommodating your group on a walk-up basis. 

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